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Metal welding

Reinforcement production manufacture, frames, carcasses, spatial elements, pile cages, ladders, pylons, welding by carbon dioxide or contact method. Manufacturer - Armabalt UAB

Welding by carbon dioxide method

Armabalt uses the most modern metal processing technologies and steel raw in manufacture. Welding metal products by individual client’s schemes.





Products range for welding:

  • reinforcement carcasses
  • spatial rebar
  • rebar ladders
  • rebar embeds
  • anchors
  • and other metal constructions.


Steel products using in the manufacture of reinforcement:

  • steel angles
  • U-beam
  • H-beam
  • steel strips
  • reinforcement bars
  • wired rods

Spatial rod cages (carcasses) might be round, square, rectangular. Weld by semi-automatic machinery using carbon dioxide method. Production could be up to 6000 mm long, 1000 mm girth (size), standard diameter selected from the most common diameters table. Production meets the standards and requirements of construction industry used in European Union by standard approved ratio.

Planar standard radius and bar step reinforcement cages (carcasses) are one of the top buyer products manufactured by Armabalt because of the quality versus price value. Cages for concrete reinforcement are manufactured using contact welding method.

Reinforcement bar thickness: steel wire – 5 mm, reinforcement rod – 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 18 mm.

Different cage (carcass) rod step is from 50 to 1000mm. Cage dimensions up to 6000 mm in width and 6000 mm in length.

Armabalt is able to manufacture the individual size reinforcement cages by client’s provided schemes.

Armabalt takes orders at the company’s site, by the email, phone or simply filling the quote form »


Spatial cage welding capabilities

Spatial cage welding capabilities

Cage dimensional length – “L”, mm

Longitudinal rebar inter-center length “b”, mm

Transversal length of rebar “B”, mm

Rebar diameter “D”, mm

Transversal rebar diameter “s”, mm

Transversal rebar step “z”, mm

Length “f”, mm

Length “e”, mm

​min 700 min 50 min 70 min 6 min 5 min 50 min 25 min 0
max 6000 max 400 max 450 max 18 max 12 max 1000 max 500 max 500


Spatial cage welding capabilities considering reinforcement diameter


Longitudinal reinforcement cage

Transversal reinforcement cage

​Ø5 ​Ø6 ​Ø8 ​Ø10 ​Ø12
​Ø6 ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes ​​Yes
​Ø8 ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes ​​Yes
​Ø10 ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes ​​Yes
​Ø12 ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes ​​Yes
​Ø14 ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes ​​Yes
​Ø16 ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes ​​
​Ø18 ​Yes ​Yes Yes ​​