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Reinforcrcement steel

ARMABALT UAB, Reinforcement cages: spatial, ladders, pylons. Manufacturer in Vilnius, Lithuania

Reinforcement cages: spatial, ladders, pylons

Reinforcement – a combination of together related (mutual) items, that interact with the concrete itself by sustaining and supporting tension overload. Reinforcement is classified according to the number of fixed signs: purpose, orientation in construction, purpose of use, also by the type of the metal used for manufacture.

By the purpose:

  • working reinforcement
  • constructive
  • distributive
  • mounting
  • anchor (embedded, inserted elements)


By the orientation in the construction:

  • Transverse (crossed) – reinforcement type preventing from crackings which appears by fracturing stress for sustainable wiring and ties up the concrete in compressed zone in relation to the reinforcement at that specific place
  • Longitudinal – reinforcement which takes itself stretching stress and prevents from vertical cracks over the construction’s stretch zone


By usage conditions:

  • Prestressing reinforcement
  • Non-prestressing reinforcement

The prestressing reinforcement used in new built and pre-tensioned construction can be working reinforcement type only.

Rebar and concrete as a result of interaction ensures the contact of the surfaces in between of both of them itself. Adhesion of the reinforcement to the concrete depends on the solidity of the concrete, consolidation strength of the concrete, age of the concrete, reinforcement diameter’s radius and stretch, the type of the surfaces.

Five types to connect reinforcement and concrete:

  • consolidation (joints) in bridging scroll
  • friction
  • adhesion (steel element consolidation by the concreting process)
  • concrete coverage on reinforcement after filling it
  • reinforcement steel and cement grout electrochemical interaction

Prestressing reinforcement – prospective tightening on tension. Stressing serves for increasing the strength of reinforced concrete construction, preventing it from cracks, decreasing bends and mass of the construction because it causes significant reduction of usable reinforcement amount.

Main reinforcement product types:

  • flat reinforcement cages (grid)
  • Spatial: pile cages, ladders, pylons, columns