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Metal constructions

Metal construction manufacturer Armabalt in Lithuania, East Europe

Metal construction manufacturer Armabalt

Armabalt’s gained experience in metal processing industry allows to provide highest quality services. Seeking to prove client’s trust ant meet their requirements in manufacture process Armabalt use the most modern metal processing technologies and supplies.

Company manufactures metal constructions which are used for altitudinal buildings, bridges, spatial constructions, shed (hangar), warehousing, other modern build and assembled construction.

Armabalt has motivated, qualified and certified staff which are professionals in their field. Using modern equipment and machinery like programmable plasma metal sheet cutting machinery, strip profile cutting machinery, reinforcement bar straightening and bending machinery, contact type welding semi-automatic machinery.

Production and services:

  • Manufacturing metal construction of steel: fundamental support and sustaining elements, sustaining columns, sustaining pillars, girder, small scale architectural elements;
  • Processing metal surfaces, welding by semi-automatic equipment, welding by gas, plasma cutting, grinding;
  • Non-standard elements cutting out of metal sheet using programmable controlled plasma cutting machinery PVP-9032. Raw metal supply for cutting: various black metal, stainless steel and aluminum. Maximum element’s thickness when cutting by plasma could be up to 20 mm, when cutting by gas up to 100 mm. Cutting machinery width is 2000 mm, length is 4000 mm;
  • Non-standard elements and constructive system solutions.

We are able to provide the warranty that our products will meet the client required specifications.

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